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MCC Code of Conduct

I. Purpose

Miramar Chess Club believes everyone has the right to play, learn and grow.  We seek to create a supportive and thriving environment to better serve the community.

The Miramar Chess Club advocates members to learn and improve their chess abilities through instruction, game play and competition in an environment of fun, respect, and encouragement. 

While members and guests (referred to as players) may participate our in weekly sessions or in tournaments for the overall experience, the Miramar Chess Club  is not to be considered a high-pressure “competitive” club; however, it is to be considered a casual environment where players can concentrate on playing chess and improving their skills.

Please note: It is not possible to cover every specific eventuality in this document, and Members should be aware of the general spirit of the Standards of behavior required as much as the individual wording of the clauses of this Code.

II. Code of Conduct for All Players

In order to participate in the activities of the chess club, all players will abide to the following:

A. Sportsmanship and Respect

  1. Ensuring that the views, rights, values and dignity of others are treated with sensitivity and respect.  Members must ensure that their actions reflect such personal qualities as honesty, empathy, responsibility and good sportsmanship.
  2. Players will always exercise Good Sportsmanship.
  3. The definition of “Good Sportsmanship” for our purposes will be: “Conduct and attitude expected of a Miramar Chess Club participating in sports and activities, especially fair play, courtesy, grace in losing.  Players should not raise their voice or argue with their opponent, or accuse them of cheating.
  4. Members who display a lack of sportsmanship will be given a verbal warning.  Continued offenses may prevent players from participating  in future club events. 
  5. Members should sincerely congratulate their opponent after a game.
  6. Players need to concentrate when playing chess. All participants should keep noise and distraction to a minimum at all times.
  7. Always follow the rules of chess. If your opponent breaks a rule and does not correct the move when asked, or you disagree about the move, ask the event organizer to make a ruling on the situation. Do not argue with your opponent. 
  8. Following a match, be a good loser or winner. Either way, thank your opponent for a good game with a handshake. If you lost, consider this to be a good learning opportunity and analyze what you might have done differently, preferably with your opponent. 

II. Equipment Usage

  1. Chess equipment should be treated with respect.
  2. Club equipment is not to be used for any purpose other than playing chess.

III. Event Locations and/or Private Business

  1. Miramar Chess Club’s events are held in a variety of locations. These locations are in public or in private establishments. 
  2. All players must respect the venue rules. 
  3. If the event location is in a private business, we encourage our members to patronize the private business.
  4. Alcohol Beverages are prohibited in all event locations.
  5. Please do not bring outside food to our playing area.

At Miramar Chess Club,

You have the RIGHT to: 

  1. Be respected as a Person.
  2. Be happy and treated with care and understanding.
  3. Be safe and secure from harm.
  4. Be able to learn, laugh and share.
  5. Be heard and considered as an equal by others.

You have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  1. Respect the individual rights of others.
  2. Recognize the rights of others to learn and to be heard.
  3. Provide a safe and secure environment for others.
  4. Be an honest, caring and concerned citizen in our community.

You have the following EXPECTATIONS

  1. A respect of People.
  2. A respect for Safety.
  3. A respect for Property.
  4. A respect for the Game of Chess.
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