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MCC Fall Rapid & Blitz ’23 Recap:  A Grand Battle of Strategy and Surprises

The Miramar Chess Club recently played host to an exhilarating chess tournament that left both players and spectators at the edge of their seats. The event featured two intense tournaments: The Rapid Chess Tournament with an Under 1900 and Under 1400 section. We also had a Blitz tournament with an OPEN section that attracted some of the finest chess minds in the region. With adrenaline pumping and clocks ticking, the rapid tournament was a battleground of wits and quick thinking.

Round 1: The Upset of the Tournament

The tournament kicked off with a bang as Oskar Karpenco competing in the U1900 section, pulled off a remarkable upset. Oskar managed to secure a victory against an opponent rated a whopping 492 points higher, showcasing that in the world of chess, ratings aren’t always a guarantee of success.

Round 2: Drama at the Top Table

In our U1900 section, a highly anticipated clash took place.  Jonathan Miniello, the Summer Rapid ’23 champion was playing as Black and he faced off against Olivio De la Torre, playing as White. Olivio initially held a commanding lead in material and time, even promoting a pawn for a queen. However, an unfortunate blunder cost him the promoted Queen and the game took a dramatic turn. With just three seconds left, Black’s knight checked the White’s King, but a fateful illegal move by Olivio resulted in a two-minute penalty granting Black additional time. Despite the suspense, White managed to recover and secure victory with yet another pawn promotion, proving that the game of chess is never truly over until the final move.

The game of chess is never truly over until the final move.

Round 3: Young Talent Shines 

The tournament’s third round witnessed a heartwarming moment when Achivai Davydov, the youngest player in the U1400 section, clinched his first win. His determination and enthusiasm are a testament to the club’s commitment to nurturing new talent.

Round 4: Two Draws and an Exciting Finale 

In the U1400 section, round 4 brought about a unique occurrence as we witnessed our first two draws of the tournament, demonstrating the closely matched skills of the participants. 

However, it was the final game of the round that left everyone on the edge of their seats. Juan Jorba (playing as White) faced off against Santiago Estabridis in a nail-biting duel. With both players having less than a minute on their clocks, Santiago secured a critical exchange of knights, leaving Juan with no effective counterplay. Ultimately, facing an inevitable loss, Juan resigned, making it a thrilling conclusion to the round

Round 5: Brandon’s Undefeated Streak Faces a Challenge

Brandon Vila, leading with an undefeated streak in the previous 4 rounds, met Oskar Karpenco in the fifth and final round. Oskar was on a two-game winning streak and had shown his ability to defeat tougher opponents before. For this round, Brandon clinched the top place with a draw, preventing him from achieving a perfect score.

The Blitz Tournament

The Blitz chess tournament continued with the excitement of 7 rounds of fast-paced chess, featuring 21 eager participants. 

Once again, Brandon led throughout the previous 6 rounds, remaining undefeated. In round 7, he faced off against Yosmel Montero Risco, who held the second place and was only 1 point behind the leader. The last 2 minutes of the game were intense, with lightning-fast moves that had everyone on the edge of their seats. As the game ended in a draw, Brandon managed to maintain his undefeated streak. Although he narrowly missed achieving a perfect tournament, he secured another 1st place, making him the triumphant winner of both tournaments.

As we wrap up our coverage of this thrilling tournament, we want to thank all of the players, and our supporters including the Mayor of Miramar, Wayne Messam and 

We also invite you to stay tuned for more exciting events and competitions from the Miramar Chess Club. The chess community is vibrant and growing, and we’re eager to continue sharing the passion, strategy, and camaraderie that make chess such an incredible game.

Join us in our future tournaments, workshops, and community events, and be a part of this dynamic chess movement. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting your chess journey, there’s a place for you at MCC. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to challenge your skills, make new friends, and experience the joy of chess in all its glory.  Check out our event page for up to the minute events and follow us on Instagram @TheMiramarChessClub.

Below are some images from our tournament and the result table.

MCC Fall Rapid ’23 (Rapid Only)

MCC Fall Rapid ’23: U1900

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalT-MedT-SolkoffT-Cumul.T-Op. cumul.
11VILA,BRANDON1769W12W8W2W5D4 4.5121314.539.5
22-4DAVYDOV,NERYK1762W11W9L1D3W6 3.513151145.5
3 DE LA TORRE,OLIVIO LUIS1465pW14W7L5D2W8 3.511.512.51136
4 KARPENKO,OSKAR1189W5L13W12W8D1 3.510.511.510.536.5
55-7RISCO,YOSMEL MONTERO1681pL4W14W3L1W9 3.013.514.5844
6 BULLOCK,EGERTON Funr.L8W12W7W10L2 3.010.511.5936
7 MINIELLO,JONATHAN1867W13L3L6W11W10 3.010.511.5835
88-11SMITH,JOHNATHAN1598W6L1W9L4L3 2.01216.5852
9 OLIU,CECILIOunr.W10L2L8W13L5 2.0811.5738
10 MARTINEZ,TOMAS1437L9W11W13L6L7 2.0811732
11 ROSADO,RAFAEL A1199pL2L10W14L7W12 2.0710.5429
1212-14NUNEZ,OSCAR LUIS1340L1L6L4W14L11 1.09.514239
13 DENNIS,KEIJON1437L7W4L10L9L14 1.0811.5433.5
14 ANDUZE,OMARI JOSIAHunr.L3L5L11L12W13 1.0710.5129

MCC Fall Rapid ’23 (Rapid Only)

MCC Fall Rapid ’23: U1400

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalT-MedT-SolkoffT-Cumul.T-Op. cumul.
11TAQUECHEL,DANIEL1333W6W2W5D3W4 4.513.516.51451
22ESTABRIDIS,SANTIAGO1096W11L1W9W5W3 4.012.513.51144.5
33JACKSON,JULIUS V1210W10W4W8D1L2 3.51415.51344
44-6MINAYA-KORNEGAY,ETHAN GRADY 466pW8L3W10W7L1 3.01314.51044.5
5 JORBA,JUAN PEDRO1257pW9W7L1L2W11 3.012.513.51041
77-8SAUNDERS,JOHN1124W12L5W6L4D8 2.58.511.58.533.5
8 CARTER,DERRICK ANTONIO1254L4W10L3W11D7 2.5711.56.537
99-10SARKAR,SOUREN S 733pL5W12L2L6D10 1.57.511.54.530.5
10 SARKAR,EVAN 204pL3L8L4W12D9 1.5710.52.534
1111DAVYDOV,AVICHAI 103L2L6W12L8L5 1.08.512.5334.5

MCC Fall Rapid ’23 (Blitz Only)

MCC Fall Blitz ’23: OPEN Section

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7TotalT-MedT-SolkoffT-Cumul.T-Op. cumul.
11Vila,Brandon1972X—W15W16W4W3W5D2 6.525.525.526.5109.5
22Montero Risco,Yosmel 1581W11W4L6W14W7W3D1 5.527.530.522.5132
33-5Oquendo,Esteban2153W19W12W5W6L1L2W7 5.027.529.523128
4 Wilson ,Otis 2146W10L2W19L1W13W8W6 5.0262818115.5
5 Davydov,Neryk1857X—W14L3W16W6L1W11 5.0242420110
66-10Miniello,Jonathan2040W7W8W2L3L5W9L4 4.0283220132
7 Karpenko,Oskar1039L6W18W12W9L2W13L3 4.02527.517116.5
8 Taquechel,Daniel1446W18L6D11D12W15L4W14 4.02224.515.5101.5
9 De la Torre,Olivio1754W17L16W21L7W14L6W15 4.019201692
10 Dennis,Keijon1342L4L11B—L15W20W17W19 4.017.517.51066.5
1111-13Anduze,Omariunr.L2W10D8L13W19W18L5 3.517.52513.599
12 Smith,Jonathan1691W21L3L7D8W16L15W18 3.516221398.5
13 Carter,Derrick 1384L14D17W20W11L4L7B— 3.514.519.51275.5
1414-17Sayegh,Rajiunr.W13L5W15L2L9W16L8 3.02126.514112
15 Nunez,Oscar Luis1541W20L1L14W10L8W12L9 3.019.525.513100
16 Jackson,Julius1134X—W9L1L5L12L14W21 3.016221396.5
17 Davydov,Avichai 103L9D13L18D21B—L10W20 3.011.515.5860
1818-19Bu,Matthewunr.L8L7W17D19W21L11L12 2.516.520.51083
19 Eymann,Eduardo 1379L3W20L4D18L11B—L10 2.51621979.5
2020Montoya,Carlosunr.L15L19L13B—L10W21L17 2.011.515559
2121Davydov,Tova Elena 103L12B—L9D17L18L20L16 1.512.516.5765

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2 thoughts on “MCC Fall Rapid & Blitz ’23 Recap:  A Grand Battle of Strategy and Surprises”

  1. Olivio de la Torre

    It was a great event and as Mr. Roberto said we had fun!. I want to express my appreciation to all who worked to make it possible. Thank you very much!. I hope we will have another one soon. God bless.

  2. Congrats!!! for this event and your hard work in the organization wish you many more like this ahead.

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