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The Battle of Minds: A Recap of the MCC Summer Rapid ‘23

Chess tournaments are thrilling events that bring together some of the most talented minds in the game. In this post, we delve into the recent MCC Summer Rapid ’23 Chess Tournament, a highly anticipated tournament.  Join us as we explore the tournament’s highlights, key moments, and impressive performances that unfolded on the chessboard.

 The MCC Summer Rapid ‘23 was hosted by the city of Miramar and Mayor Messam. It was a Swiss-style 5-round tournament.  The time control was 20 minutes with a 5-second delay (G/20;d5) for each player.  The tournament was held in the Sunset Lake Community Center in Miramar, Florida.   This tournament was a great opportunity for all players to showcase their skills in the Miramar Chess Community.

The tournament also provided an opportunity for new players to attend their 1st tournament.  Some traveled from Florida’s west coast to attend, however, most were from the South Florida area.   A total of fifty players attended. This was a family friendly event with players between the ages of 10 to 60+ years old. The event was also open to the community to spectate. Many visitors showed up to see what a chess tournament looked like, learn about the club and obtain information about  the next tournament.

The sold-out event was buzzing from the start.  The tournament began with the opening ceremony which covered the majority of the key topics such as reminders of the rules and facility logistics.   The cash prizes were announced for each section.  The Miramar Chess Club and with the generosity of raffled five $50 vouchers towards a chess course.   MCC-branded merchandise was also raffled.  

In board #1 was Johnathan Miniello (1877) playing White versus Stephen Herreros (1395).  In Board #2, Manuel Franco (1678) played as White versus Richard Szteinbaum (1817).  The affair in board #1 was settled with Johnathan Miniello claiming victory by resignation, earning him his fourth point. 

 Now, everything was down to board #2.    The question was, will a winner in board #2 produce a tie for first place?  As the game went on,  the crowd gathered to witness both players in a battle of the minds.  Each move was as decisive as the outcome of the tournament.  Ultimately, both players ended in a position that would yield no winner.  Therefore, they agreed to a draw.  Each earned half a point, granting Johnathan the 1stplace win.  

Chess tournaments like the MCC Summer Rapid ‘23 Chess Tournament showcased the brilliance and competitiveness of the game in the Miramar Chess Community.

By delving into the tournament’s details, analyzing key games, and gaining insights from top players, chess enthusiasts can deepen their understanding and appreciation for the intricacies of the game.  The MCC Summer Rapid ‘23 Chess Tournament serves as a reminder that chess is not just a battle on the board but also a journey of self-improvement and intellectual growth.

Below are some images from our tournament and the result table.

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MCC Summer Rapid ’23

SwissSys Standings. MCC Summer Rapid ’23: U1900

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalT-MedT-SolkoffT-Cumul.T-Op. cumul.Prize
11MINIELLO, JONATHAN1877W13W3W9L2W6 4.01213.51344300.00/Trophy
22-5SZTEINBAUM, RICHARD1817pW12D7D4W1D3 3.513.515.5114462.50/Medal
3 FRANCO, MANUEL1678W10L1W7W9D2 3.5121410.54862.50/Medal
4 CASTILLO, FRANK1843L8W5D2W7W9 3.511.513.58.543.562.50
5 TUCEN,LUIS1782D6L4W13W11W8 3.510.5128.53462.50
66HERREROS, STEPHEN1395D5D13W11W10L1 3.011.5139.537.5 
77CHEDIAK, GILBERTunr.W11D2L3L4W14 2.5912.5835 
88-12HERNANDEZ,MARCOS1439W4L9L10W12L5 2.09.513737 
9 RISCO, YOSMEL MONTERO1758pW14W8L1L3L4 2.0913939 
10 SALAS, PEDRO JOSE1280pL3W12W8L6L11 2.0912.5736 
11 HARRIS, CHARLES1566L7W14L6L5W10 2.07.511533 
12 EYMANN, EDUARDO1420pL2L10W14L8W13 2.05.59429 
1313MARTINEZ, TOMAS1447L1D6L5W14L12 1.58.512.5435 
1414PARKER, JAMEunr.L9L11L12L13L7 0.07.510030 

MCC Summer Rapid ’23

SwissSys Standings. MCC Summer Rapid ’23: U1400

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalT-MedT-SolkoffT-Cumul.T-Op. cumul.Prize
11MANGOS, DEIMITRIUSunr.W10W29W8W7W6 5.012.513.51548100.00/Trophy
22EPSTEIN, MAXWELLunr.W5D3W19W4W7 4.51517.5135475.00/Medal
33-5TANG, MING1015W30D2D6W10W17 4.013.514.511.544.516.67/Medal
4 DENNIS, KEIJON1289pW22W26W12L2W11 4.01214134616.67
5 DUNKLEY, HORACE1143pL2W30W21W22W9 4.011.512.5104016.67
66RIVERA, WILSON SABDIEL 832pW13W21D3W20L1 3.5141612.548.5 
77-16AYALA, EDUARDO1316W15W16W14L1L2 3.015.518.51253 
8 CAMPANA, CHARLIEunr.W23W18L1D17D13 3.0131510.543.5 
9 VEGA,CLEIVER1261W27L14W15W12L5 3.013151040 
10 MEDINA, JULIO1401pL1W28W33L3W18 3.01314844.5 
11 JACKSON, JULIUS V1196X35L12W25W14L4 3.012.512.5939 
12 OLIVEIRA, WILSON LVunr.W17W11L4L9W26 3.012141047 
13 KOSTYO, CHRISTIANunr.L6W24D18W19D8 3.011.513.5843 
14 JORBA, JUANunr.W20W9L7L11W21 3.010.512.51045 
15 BLACHER, NOAHunr.L7W34L9W23W20 3.01010733 
16 SARKAR, SOUREN Sunr.W32L7L17W29W22 
1717-19CARTER, DERRICK ANTONIO1301L12W31W16D8L3 2.5914842 
18 FRIONI, NELSON ANGEL1138W25L8D13W28L10 2.58.5138.538 
19 FEBRES, MIGUELunr.D28W33L2L13W29 2.55.5117.535.5 
2020-27AGOSTO, VICTOR MANUEL1328pL14W27W26L6L15 2.01013.5739.5 
21 LANGSTAFF, ZACHARYunr.W24L6L5W33L14 2.09.513.5740.5 
22 MONTOYA, CARLOSunr.L4W32W29L5L16 2.0913737 
23 BORZILLO, ANTHONY D 903L8L25W31L15W28 2.0811431 
25 BENTES, ANDREunr.L18W23L11W24 2.06.59625.5 
26 MINAYA-KORNEGAY, ETHAN GRADY 411pW34L4L20W30L12 2.0610733 
27 REECE, JAYDENunr.L9L20L28W34W30 
2828GANGULY, KANAVunr.D19L10W27L18L23 1.59125.531 
2929-33SAUNDERS, JOHN1236W31L1L22L16L19 1.08.513.5539.5 
30 PEGUERO, KHALIL JOSEunr.L3L5W34L26L27 1.0812331.5 
31 SARKAR, EVANunr.L29L17L23W32L24 1.068.5222 
32 CUADROS, JONATHANunr.L16L22L24L31W34 1.058121 
3434-36BITTAR, MATTEOunr.L26L15L30L27L32 0.069021 
35 ALVARADO, GUILLERMO Iunr.F11 0.00000 
36 FERREIRA , PIETROunr.F33 0.00000 

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3 thoughts on “The Battle of Minds: A Recap of the MCC Summer Rapid ‘23”

  1. Great event. Very well organized and player friendly. Looking forward to the next one in September.

  2. Demostenes Quijada

    My most sincere congratulations to the whole crew and the participants for the fantastic 2023 summer tournament. A new sample of the human and intellectual quality of all the members of this wonderful space for exchange and learning, the Miramar Chess Club

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