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Understanding our Chess Events

Chess pieces and clock

If you are wondering what our events look like, then you are in luck! 

Who runs the events?

I usually attend most events.  There are times, where we have other members (just like you), coordinate the event.  

Where do I find your Chess Event Schedule?

Easy! Visit our Chess Event page.  You can find the link in the top menu or click here.

What Should I Expect?

Miramar Chess Club believes everyone has the right to play, learn and grow.  We seek to create a fostering and supportive environment to serve the community.

We host multiple weekly events during the week (mostly Thursday nights).  Our chess events are open to everyone to attend and they are FREE!

What do the Chess Events Entail? 

During the events, the boards are usually set up to welcome all players.   If it is your first visit, just approach our playing area and introduce yourself.  Typically, I personally welcome you to our club and introduce you to the other players.  I may ask what your playing level is and what your interest is for playing.  This helps me match you up with the correct players so you can have a wonderful experience in our chess club.  

Do I need my Own Equipment? 

You do not need to have your own chess equipment.  We have enough for all participants.  Other players do bring their own as well.   If you have your own board and/or clock, you are welcome to bring it as well. 

We do encourage all members and guests to follow our Code of Conduct.

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